El Yaque Beach - Venezuela

Improve and Move

13.-18.02.2019   &


Moulay - Morocco

Wave Specials

24.-29.04.2019   &    01.-06.05.2019



High Wind Special




Fanatic Windsurf Camps

29.05.-03.06.2019   &   05.-10.06.2019   &   12.-17.06.2019



Fanatic Windsurf Camp




ION Experience Camp


KOS - Psalidi

Improve your Skills

22.-27.08.2019   &   29.08.-03.09.2019


Karpathos - Greece

Improve your highwind skills



Costa Brava - Spain

Multisport Camp



Sao Miguel do Gostoso Brasil

Wavestarters and Improve your skills

13. - 19.10.2019



Improve your Skills and Waves

10. - 15.11.2019

El Yaque / Venezuela  "Improve & Move"


Our Camps under Caribbean Sun - sandy beaches - huge standing area - just THE perfect Spot to improve - Two Camps for just anybody from waterstarts, planning, Carve Jibes to Freestyle and Forward Loops



13th - 18th of February 2019


08th - 13th of March 2019


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Enjoy the pure magic of Moulay Bouzerktoun with us.

Two action loaded weeks with one big theme : WAVES !!!


Learn all about waveriding, waveselection, safety, make your first experiences in waves, improve your waveriding, jumping and rotations, on Windsurf, SUP or Surf and reach your next Windsurflevel


Enjoy special nights out in the Medina of Essaouira or finish your day with a great BBQ or Couscous dinner in Moulay...  we got it all prepared for you 


In 2019 we will have two Wave Specials for you :


April  24th - 29th

May  01st - 06th


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Tarifa - Spain


We will finally be back to Tarifa, for a three days special at ION Club Valdevaqueros 

Highwind Control and Manouvers, Jumping and much more will be our topics in Tarifa 


16.05. - 18.05.2019


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Lanzarote - Costa Teguise is THE Spot with a huge variety of conditions and there is something for just anyone to learn, to improve, to enjoy and to have a lot of fun at this massive playgarden.


We will have three Camps for you as well in June 2019 !!!


Doesn´t matter if you´re intermediate or advanced Windsurfer, there are many things to practise and to learn...


You need a better planning, carve your Jibes better, learn some new Jibe or tack variations, get into Freestyle or Waveriding or simply want to jump and rotate ? you name it we teach it !!!


To relax in between sessions there are also Surf, SUP and MTB Sessions planned... 


Don´t hesitate, find the right week(s) for you !!


May 29th - June 03rd   -   Improve your Skills

June 05th - 10th   -   Improve your Skills

June 12th - 17th   -   All in One


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Tenerife - El Medano


A Spot for everyone and that is what we'll do, all intermediate and advanced Levels are welcome to El Medano and the TWS Center, the host of our first Camp at Tenerife

Improve your Jibes and Tacks including variations, learn how to jump, Freestyle or catch your first little waves


Our Dates for Tenerife




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Fuerteventura - Risco del Paso  ION EXPERIENCE 


Get on the Board - Waterstarts - Planning - Harness - Footstraps - first Carves and Jibes / Tacks - Jibe Variations

And all this at this amazing spot, with massive wind statistics, flat and choppy water and the occasional wavy days...  plus the flatwater lagoon...  


Join us at Fuerteventura :


03rd - 08th of July 2019


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KOS - Greece  


"Improve and Move " (Waterstart and Planing)

" Improve your Skills" (Gybes and Beyond) 


Get on the Board - Waterstarts - Planning - Harness - Footstraps - first Carves and Jibes / Tacks....


Improve and learn the right and full planning Carve Jibe - Jibe variations - old school and new school Freestyle - improve your personal Windsurfing 


Enjoy this beautiful greek Island, with the Meltemi blowing at daytime to make you reach your next level of Windsurfing and the beauty of KOS City with its nice taverns and restaurants plus lots of historic corners...


KOS is calling and so are we...  don´t miss your opportunity ...


We will hold our 2019 Camps at the Big Blue Surfcenter Psalidi


22nd - 27th of August 2019


29th of August - 03rd of September 2019


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Karpathos - Greece


One of worlds windiest places and we will hold our Improve your Highwind skills at this amazing spot at ION Club Karpathos. Just a great Spot to Windsurf and Mountainbike in great atmosphere...


06.09. - 11.09.2019


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