El Yaque - Venezuela

Our famous Spot in the Caribbean, at the Island of Margarita. Don´t hesitate to contact me for

• Hotels / Rooms / Studios etc.

• Equipment Rental at

   CNS El Yaque

Conditions :

- Sideshore winds from left

- Tradewinds picking up during the day

- huge sandy standing area

- sandy Beach

- Choppy water and Flatwater in the Lagoon

- Centers and Bars only 5 - 10 meters from the water


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Moulay - Morocco


Fanatic Boarderscenter FBC Moulay( Magic Fun Afrika )

Fanatic Boards - North Sails

- Top Wavespot in Moulay

- Reefbreak with Sideshore winds from the right

- very unique atmosphere


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Carve your Jibes, bring your Board in the Air or learn how to ride the Waves


Windsurf Equipment

-          Rental Fanatic and  North Sails Equipment at CNS a Fanatic                 “The Boarderscenter”

-          Store your gear at the CNS Windsurf Center


Top Spot at Las Cucharas - Costa Teguise

Ideal for first Carves and Jumps

Wavebeginners will find their first waves to ride


A great Spot for almost all Levels !!


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Kos - Greece

FBC KOS is PERFECT for this special clinic being one of the few places in the world where all levels can practice their skills at the same time and practically all day long - beginners, intermediates and advanced! The wind blows side/side off from the left and is lighter in the mornings, gradually picking up through the day giving way to sensational slalom blasting with swell/chops up to 1m on the outside

Kos Island really has something for everyone, not only windsurfing! It is swept by magnificent sandy beaches, has a beautiful historical city, wonderful food and lots to see and do. FBC Kos is great for singles, couples and families. The center is located in the grounds of the Oceanis Beach Resort with a kids club on-site. The Surfers Bar is great for de-briefings and discussing the action of the day and serves cold drinks, snacks and cocktails at the waters edge.


FBC Kos (Big Blue Surfcenter)


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- Fanatic Boards and North Sails

- from Flatwater to small Swell

- for all Levels




The tiny island of Tobago, West Indies shows travellers that true paradise comes in small packages. Only 300 sq. km, Tobago is home to empty beaches, exotic wildlife, lush landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine and wonderful local people. Sometimes called "Robinson Crusoe's Island", Tobago is a year-round paradise. The island lies south of the hurricane belt, and with its big sister Trinidad, makes up the southernmost islands in the Caribbean.


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Tarifa - Spain

The Highwind Spot in the South of Spain, more than 50 kilometres sandy Beaches, a huge variety of different Spots, Flatwater to Wave. Contact me for 

• Rooms / houses at

  • Funsport Tarifa

• Equipment Rental at

      ION Club Tarifa  ( Fanatic / North )

  • Funsport Tarifa ( Sailboards Tarifa / Fanatic / Sailloft Hamburg)

- for all intermediate and advanced Levels


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